Stijn van Amelsvoort, founder and owner of VIKING FASHION has a background of more than 15 years in different expertises of the fashion industry, from sales to retail to production for various national and international brands.

VIKING FASHION was founded in February 2017 in Amsterdam and stands for quality brands and suits the lifestyle of it's owner. The brands also have to be able to easily be combined in stores; insuring the combination will fit and attract new consumers to the retailers.

Next to that the logo of VIKING FASHION stands for strength, reliability and trustworthiness. Key words that are maintained throughout the company for a successful development of its business.


Flight of the Beast

Native North




Apocs is a premium streetwear label established in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Created for the city environment and rooted in the arts and street culture, Apocs combines style and simplicity with functionality and contemporary menswear silhouettes.


Apocs is a “A Projection
Of City Scenes”.

The real beasts of lifestyle are the unknown hero’s of today’s world. People who always seek for adventures and don’t walk the beaten path. People who are full of passion and commitment to improve their skills by not taking evertyhing too seriously.

Native North clothing stems from the synergy between timeless Scandinavian design and meticulous attention to unique and high quality fabric choices. Taking inspiration from traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, classic designs and our culture we aspire to emulate the Scandinavian lifestyle and philosophy.

Handmade, rugged, yet classic looks. Modern, with an eye for heritage. Pick your favorites, put them on and go explore. Proudly made in Europe with European craftsmanship. All shoes are made by hand with the utmost care and expertise.




Stijn van Amelsvoort

T +31 6 53 39 68 11


tINA S. is an interdisciplinary fashion collective established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Rooted in the free-arts, poetry, fashion and graphic design tINA S. combines style and simplicity while trying to be a little pretentious and tongue in cheek. This way we want to delay and encourage you to deny or believe whatever you want, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously. So… our first product is absolutely not a sweater.